Office / Commercial

TRB builds new offices and commercial/industrial facilities, as well as renovating and making additions to existing ones. We integrate changes into our building systems as they occur in design and infrastructure, which is often, because LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is becoming more prevalent at all levels of construction, and 'green' elements are regularly used. Just as housing and retail have their individual challenges, so do office and commercial buildings, often in larger, more open spaces. Here are some of the things that TRB handles when working in today's office/commercial building settings.

  • Environmental issues (wetland preservation, rain gardens, and drainage issues)
  • "Green" building (low-e glass and sustainable materials)
  • Removal of deeply entrenched permafrost and stabilizing the earth beneath foundations
  • Completing our own millwork
  • Staying current on specific requirements for “smart” efficient HVAC systems
  • Lighting, security, and infrastructure
  • Employee needs (a major consideration that originates with design)
  • Employee circulation
  • Lunch areas
  • Links to local community
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