Healthcare / Other

Health Care

TRB specializes in medical office/clinic renovation. In many cases, we must work around an open-for-business schedule at a doctor's office and on a compressed schedule to meet a short deadline. TRB confers with key medical staff, architects, and engineers to devise work plans that allow patients to keep their appointments, while everything from selective demolition to new interior finishing is completed.

Private Education

TRB has completed many private education projects. Everything from new, free-standing day care schools to interior renovations and additions at private K-8 schools, and facilities for children with disabilities. We continue to expand this area of construction.

Movie Theaters

TRB builds new theaters and makes renovations and additions to others as their needs grow. Theater layout contains three elements of design and are more than seats and a large screen.

  • Element one: the theater itself, often with stadium-style seating, has special access and egress, sound production and acoustical requirements
  • Element two: lobby entrance with lighting and circulation requirements along with the concession stand, kitchen support, and restaurant
  • Element three: film projection areas for each theater which have specific electrical and air quality requirements
  • TRB has developed proven strategies to work with local permitting authorities to conform to life safety issues affecting places of public assembly while keeping the schedule on track to deliver each theater project on time
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